The Right Way to Repair a Corrupted USB Flash Drive

The Right Way to Repair a Corrupted USB Flash Drive

Very much a problem that the USB flash drive doesn't work or it doesn't work on the computer.

But the truth is, there are several reasons for this problem, most of which are due to misuse, as we will explain to you today.

A :You may also be ineligible to fix the problem if

  1. The USB flash Kingstom is not usable at all when there is a problem, you can only fix it yourself.


1- 80% of these issues are mainly software issues, as the USB flash drive may be disabled due to a virus or malicious program, the USB flash drive software has been corrupted or destroyed by connecting it to a computer with a virus or a defect in the USB flash drive system USB flash software you take it from Entry during file transfer or during formatting, so the USB flash drive will not work and sometimes damage the device itself.

2- Another reason for this problem is due to bugs that can normally be fixed in a USB flash drive by software working with phrmmet or a USB flash drive, we This topic will be explained in detail in his article soon.

 3- Another reason for this problem is that the computer itself can't read the USB flash data, so the problem is that the device itself is not in the USB flash fergie the USB flash experience on multiple computers, please note the USB Flash memory is free of viruses that are harmful to your device, so you can specifically detect problems.


 1-The most difficult problem here is the hardware problem, this problem occurs due to the USB flash being dropped into water or the dust and dust in the USB flash.

2- In this case, you can clean the USB Flash it, it will work, but if it's been cleaned, it won't work either, unfortunately, this USB flash drive won't work at all, you'll have to ask the company to fix it, and you won't be able to recover the files on the USB flash drive.

3- Also from other issues related to b hardware, it It may be that there is a problem with the computer entrance, which makes it impossible to read the usb flash data, so it cannot work properly.

It is recommended to keep the usb flash.

First, do not connect the usb flash to a computer with viruses.

 Secondly, keep the usb flash away from dust and dust, and pay attention to contact with water.

 Third, be careful not to unplug the USB flash drive from the computer entrance during file transfer or formatting.

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