The Right Way to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media (Security Awareness)

The Right Way to Protect Your Privacy on Social Media (Security Awareness)

Given the fact that hacking devices and tactics are constantly being created and have become more dangerous in the past, there is a constant stream of hacking attacks like hacking a Facebook account or hacking a gmail account or hacking anything more account related.

But you need to realize that you can't hack any record without hacking the actual mail, so in this article we'll explain for you how to complete the hack of the most popular records, and we'll also see how you can protect your records from hackers and get data.

Top Reasons Hacking Accounts

 Assuming you have a Facebook account or gmail has been hacked, you should initially think that your phone has been actively hacked because a lot of records are saved and recorded on your phone, so you need to hack your phone without All records can be cracked most of the time.


Also, with regards to how your phone got hacked, in addition to one way in which the records can be penetrated, we will now clear it for you:


1- Just click on the connection emailed by the person who needs to hack your phone and your phone can be hacked.

 2 - The WhatsApp app can also hack your phone by simply sending you a log with an infection, this technique works because the whatsapp app saves pictures and logs on your phone, so when sending use when recording Infections on WhatsApp This record saves money on your phone, so the phone is effectively hacked, be careful not to share your phone number with people you don't know.

 3- Your phone can be hacked by connecting to free and open wifi networks such as wifi in taverns or public areas.

 4- Your phone can also be hacked by hacking your wifi network in your home, this is considered one of the most dangerous things because it can also get into all the gadgets related to similar organizations, we will soon understand a article how can you Protect wifi organization.

 5- It is possible to hack your phone by downloading apps or items from untrusted or dangerous destinations, so always make sure to download apps and items from authoritative secure sites.

 6- Also be careful about hacking and making programs that allow you to use paid programs, this is probably the most important thing that motivates hacking your phone and is considered illegal.


You should be aware that the entry of Facebook accounts always happens in various ways and conditions, as every phone now has a Facebook account, and by hacking the fact that it's actually not that hard to hack. in one of the ways We figured it out at the beginning of the article, but the main reason for hacking a Facebook account is that you are weak keys, sometimes easy to assume, now it's better to get you involved in serious realms with various abilities images and parts It is difficult to assume and know that all record entry procedures are fictitious or rely on speculative secret words. Also be aware that your email is known as this email is constantly being hacked in various ways and techniques such as conveying certain information specific to the email and then you then click on it and it shows you the Facebook login page, in fact, the page is not a Facebook page, but when you enter your login data, it's a fake page that is from the need to hack into you on the individual Record.YouTube Channel


is a stage through which you can benefit from recording, plus you have the option to record in Youtube, you really want to record in gmail to choose to create a YouTube channel.

Also, at the moment each of you are thinking about how youtube channels get hacked, especially how most of the celebrity records get hacked, to answer your realization that hacking a youtube channel by hacking a gmail account and hacking a gmail account works This can be done in a number of ways including:

  1. As we said in the main article, it is possible to hack a gmail account by hacking an actual phone.

2- It is also possible to hack a gmail account by getting the email address and in this way try to hack the records in various ways constantly, so make sure the email is obscured for anyone and have more emails with Supporters talk.

3- It is also possible to hack a gmail account by hacking your phone number's information, this way is by someone who needs to hack your records illegally and illegally buy your phone number and thus hack your gmail account with you and this is a well-known method for hacking VIP accounts.

  1. The Gmail account was hacked by sending you an email letting you know that you needed to use a promotional phase and then asking you to download their product, so the records were effortlessly hacked and took over the YouTube channel.

5 - Also, you will receive an email with YouTube's compensation, such as the camera, and then you enter the data that asks you and then access the YouTube channel, so be careful because YouTube doesn't ask anyone and never gets any data individuals and no prizes are given Anyone, except for the silver guarantee, in this case, from the YouTube stage make sure this email is genuine or not and click no connection on this email.

To prevent account hacking, you must follow these things:

1- Do not click on any link in the email sent to you from any stage.

2- Don't keep any records on multiple phones, instead let records save money on gadgets.

3- For the field of power that is difficult to calculate.

  1. Launch the two-step check component for Facebook and YouTube.

5 - When sending you an email, check it from the primary stage like Youtube and click no connection.

6 - Do not associate with any open Wifi organization and always pay attention to check the IP address of the gadgets associated with your wifi organization, we will explain these things in his article soon.

If your phone has been hacked or your account has been stolen, you should do the following:

1-First change the location of IP.

2- Program the phone in the way we understood in the previous article, you will find it on this site.

3- Then check the gadget with the antivirus items we know about in the previous article, you will find it here.

4- Consult the Product Lead and try to keep up with the call

If your Facebook or YouTube account is hacked:

1- You should initially make sure that your phone has not been hacked and that you have applied the method we understand at the top.

2- Request to re-establish Facebook account or gmail and prove you are the record holder and change your password.

3 - Seek help from someone who has experience in the field of records assurance or who has faced similar problems before and find out how to solve the problem.

How do hackers deal with stolen accounts?

Programmers give accounts with a large number of FOLLOWERS (such as VIP accounts on YouTube) to individuals who exchange Bitcoin, they ask devotees to buy funds, so supporters are misled and ransacked, which is considered illegal and illegal technology. Likewise, if at any point you find a particular vulnerability, either Google or Facebook is a decent person and be prepared to let Google or Facebook get into that hole. Also, we've now shown you how to prevent hacking of your account Realizing that this article is for security awareness only, we believe it will be of great value to you.


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