Facts that can help you understand the phone XIAOMI 12 PRO

Facts that can help you understand the phone XIAOMI 12 PRO

The Xiaomi phone is one of the best phones worth buying, so we should review it.

 The Xiaomi phone is one of the most powerful phones of 2022 and I recommend you to buy it, so in this article we will review the phone's specs and features.

xiaomi 12 pro phone features (Hardware)

The design of the Shaomi phone is very simple, but it is very good in appearance, especially the camera is proportional to the outside of the phone, so there is a slightly larger camera on the back of the phone, and two small cameras below.

 And the original color used is gray, which doesn't leave handprints, and there are phones in other colors. As far as the materials the phone uses, the glass on the back and the sides of the phone are made of solid metal.


The screen

 The screen shape is very professional with a bit beveled to give you a very professional look. The screen size is large and there is also a front camera on the top of the phone. The screen is also covered with VICTUS which makes the screen sturdy.

Screen specification

Screen size up to 6.73 inches Resolution 3200 × 1440 screen pixels 521 pixels, also supports (AMoLED 1B HDR10) and (DoLBY VISION) colors are very good, and this screen also supports some other features that make the screen in its jimming experience or video scene as well The screen illuminates me.


The device has tech and technology that helps the phone identify the frame to keep the battery at 1HZ to 120HZ, and up to 480Hz Touch to help you control your phone quickly and with great performance.


Shaomi's mobile phone supports fingerprints on the front of the screen, and the speed is very fast. When you press it, the vibration is very good.


Shaomi's company has also processed the sound of the phone and made it very strong because it has four earphones which makes the sound excellent because the type of speakers used are QUAD speakers that give you stereo sound but when using the phone please Make sure you are the phone holder from Back instead of sideways, as it has a headphone opening.


The battery is nothing special for a phone, but 5 hours at 4600 amps is not bad anyway.

Charging system

Charging is the scariest part of Shaomi phones. You'll notice the charger is a big 120W and lets the phone go from 0 to 100 in 18 minutes! The phone also supports wireless charging up to 50W.

 You can charge your phone in just 40 minutes, and if you want to charge headphones or anything, the phone also supports reverse wireless charging up to 10 watts.

The camera

Cameras in Xiaomi phones are very good, up to 50 megapixels, the device has 3 large rear cameras with sensor IMX707, the rest of the cameras have a lot of features and cameras that support 4k video 2k, the selfie camera is also good.

xiaomi 12 pro phone features (Software)

One of the most powerful features of the XIAOMI phone is the very powerful Snapdragon 8 GEN 1 processor, and its experience gives you very powerful performance when playing games that require a powerful phone.

 There is also 12 GB of ram, which allows you to increase the performance of the device, and 256 GB of internal memory, and these specs, it makes the phone without lag

Cooling system

After playing the game for a long time, the back will feel a little hot, but through the technology added by Shaomi in the mobile phone, the heat of the mobile phone does not affect the speed of the mobile phone at all.

Version of the device

The phone supports android 12, but as far as the form factor is concerned, it doesn't imply it's android 12, which you will notice when you use the phone.


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